Style Guide Template

This is a simple style guide template you can use to create a basic brand and messaging standard for your company. While a complete style guide may include dozens of pages (or even hundreds) and define in great detail the dimensions and individual design elements of all marketing materials, the purpose of this style guide template is to give your employees and contractors a brief set of general guidelines for design, branding, and messaging.

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How to Use the Style Guide

First of all, style guides come is a variety of styles and formats so don’t stress about whether or not you are “doing it right.”

Next, simply replace the sample content in the style with your own. That’s it.

Feel free to add other elements or remove something if you don’t want to include it. If you don’t know what something should be or you want to decide, we recommend inserting something like “To Be Determined” (TBD) as a placeholder.

Insert pictures! The style guide is a great place to save images of marketing collateral whose style you want to keep. You might add a section for your business cards in which you define the elements — size, font, colors, spacing between elements, where the logo goes, what information is required — of the cards and include images of the front and back of the cards.

Get the Style-guide-template here