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This special package has been modified for a limited time with more bonuses and a lower price to help small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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woman-face-3This product really helped me. More than words could possibly explain. Like, a lot.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is "WebQC™"?  
WebQC™ our industry-leading quality control process encompassing "SEO", conversion, security, mobile, and more. Basically, we called BS on traditional "SEO" and said, "How can we develop a visible, repeatable, standard for building great websites that get good positions in search engines and then turn their visitors into leads?" Our WebQC™ standard is based on an extensive (and constantly growing) checklist general and technical website, search engine, internet, and marketing elements. We're always looking for ways to meaningfully improve it.  In short, we make constant metrics-based improvements to make your website one of the best in your industry.

Do you offer other packages? 
You can either add "a la carte" items to these packages or, if you need a completely custom solution we offer hourly billing packages for clients whose marketing services -- excluding print, postage, and call campaigns -- are greater than $4,000 per month.

Do you have a price list for other services?
Yes. We have standard pricing for call campaigns, direct mail, social media, and even website design but they have more variables that affect pricing. For a quote including pricing for these services call us at 832-900-2000 or complete the form above and ask us about pricing for our other services to compliment your WebQC™ online marketing package.

What is the contract period? 
We only require a 6 month agreement to give us time to really get your campaign rolling. After 6 months, if you don't feel Lead Optimize is the best solution for your marketing you are free to leave.

Do you manage social media? 
Yes we do -- with lots of posts and #hashtags and trending research included. We offer two levels of social media management -- basic social media and premium social media (requires basic)

Do I get more marketing services with the bigger packages?
Think of the bigger packages as more aggressive marketing. Our larger clients typically have more robust campaigns because we have time to do more things simultaneously.

How do I/we pay? 
Monthly payments are made by VISA, AMEX, Master Card, or Discover.

What kind of reporting do you offer? 
Our reporting system is impressively robust and includes lead metrics, website traffic stats, competitor information, technical website stats, and much more. The type and frequency of your reporting is up to you. Your report can be tailored to include almost anything you want. At the end of the day, our main metric is leads.

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