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"There's so much garbage out there. Marketing people call all the time and you never know who to trust. I know you guys will always tell it like it is; shoot straight with us." -- Scott Hallmark, Laser Imaging, Inc.

"Lead Optimize understands how to reach the niche business we are after and they do it within our budget. They provide us with a wide range of marketing capabilities we never had in house." -- Eric Lincoln, VP Sales, American Pole & Timber

"I appreciate that if something isn't working for me, you tell me about it and try something else or cut it -- even if it means you make less money. That's important to me. It's unique." -- Gail Eissler, Home Vitality Care

"I get responses all the time about how great my website is and about the YouTube videos. And, when someone else calls from Yelp or Yellow Pages I just tell them to call Lead Optimize to decide if the offer fits our needs. The best money I feel like we’ve ever spent is with Lead Optimize." -- Tommy Ripley, VP at Ripley's Total Car Care

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