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Our niche is niches.

We help companies grow into niches and new markets.

Sometimes, they want to expand into markets that did not previously know them. Sometimes, they have a completely new product no one knows about.

Other times, budget restrictions mean they must start by focusing on specific high-margin markets. Often, a client has ALL of those issues going on at once across their various product lines.

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Eric Lincoln

Sales Manager at American Pole and Timber

Lead Optimize understands how to reach the niche business we are after and they do it within our budget. They provide us with a wide range of marketing capabilities we never had in house.

A Marketing System Designed Around Niches

Our remarkable -- and proven -- marketing system is designed primarily for growth through niches and new markets because they hold the best opportunities for fast growth and higher margins.

We start by understanding -- really understanding -- what products you manufacturer and/or sell and the markets you sell them to. Then, we analyze the individual markets to find under-served segments or sub-niches and opportunities to build your brand and increase your high-margin sales in those markets.

we see niches everywhere

We'll help you find your most profitable niches

We take the time to research your current business, your products and services, and your marketing to find untapped opportunities you may be able to turn into profitable niches and new markets.

Niches Bring Higher Margin & Growth Opportunities

Companies who use a niche marketing strategy get higher margins. How much more money would you make by increasing your average margins by even 10%? Additionally, focusing on niches exposes opportunities for other niche-oriented products and services you can provide. Many companies find that niches drive their product development and expansion of product lines.

Take advantage of the opportunities presented by niches -- higher margins and faster sales growth.

Niche-Specific Messages: It’s About Personalizing

Niche marketing messages are highly personalized. Your website(s), ads, direct mail, online ads, articles, and other content for the specific can speak specifically and directly to the niche.

All too often business owners and marketers who think they are marketing to niches end up watering down their ads and messaging because of the temptation to list everything else they do (or want to do). There is always the stress of not telling everyone about everything you do. Always.

But here’s the thing: Niches only care about their niche — what they do; the thing you want them to buy. So, only tell them about that.

Our professional writers and designers create compelling content to generate hot leads and build your brand.

Consistent Branding within Niches

For optimal branding, it is important to tailor your messaging specifically for your niche markets while maintaining a consistent value statement message consistent with your overall brand. We handle this balance in order to maximize lead generation, branding, and conversion from your marketing collateral and sales materials. We're your marketing department.

 Tools for Niche Marketing

Our remarkable marketing system and repertoire of marketing services was designed to build brands and increase sales through niches and new markets. The most common tools we use to drive niche marketing campaigns for our clients include:

Marketing segmentation, target audience, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM), customer analysis and focus group concepts.

We help you define and reach high profit niches

While the tools and marketing methods may seem common, the magic in our remarkable niche-marketing system lies in the specific marketing mixes we custom-develop for our clients and our skilled niche-oriented copy.

We can get your company into the niches and markets you want to be in.


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