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Postcards Campaigns that Work

Lead Optimize executes postcard marketing campaigns with two main goals in mind: 

  • Immediate Sales

    Create a touchpoint for those prospects ready to buy now

  • Branding for the Long Term

    Be "top of mind" when prospects are ready to buy later

Some prospects are ready to buy now and are especially receptive to postcards at this time.  Other prospects will be ready to buy later and you should be the company they think of first when that buying time arrives - and it will arrive. Consistent delivery of postcards keeps you on the top of their minds.

Minimum 3 Mailings

Except in a few cases, Lead Optimize requires a minimum of 3 mailings to the same list for postcard campaigns we manage. Why? Simply because we don't like to waste your money.

Repetition is the key to effective postcard marketing campaigns.  It's about driving your message into your prospects' minds. Your message needs to be seen again and again -- you want multiple touch points -- even if only for a second each time.

Integrated Postcard Marketing Campaigns

Your postcard campaign should be integrated with your online marketing and your website.  We recommend a landing page on your website whose appearance, messaging, and offer is consistent with your postcard.  This helps prospects feel good about the offer and helps keep their momentum on the way to contacting you.

Best Uses for Postcard Campaigns

Postcard campaigns are cost effective in numerous marketing situations but there are some variables we look for that mean almost certain success for a postcard marketing campaign.

  • High Value Orders -- $300+ is a good guideline
  • Repeat Customers -- Higher lifetime value
  • Niche or New Market

High Quality, Turnkey Postcard Campaigns

Lead Optimize handles every aspect your postcard campaign, including:

  • List purchase (we can also use your existing list)
  • Postcard design
  • Printing & labeling
  • Distribution

Numerous options are available such as matching landing pages, call tracking phone numbers, large postcard sizes, and much much more. Like with everything else we do, our main goals with postcard campaigns are to generate profitable leads, build your brand, and make you more money.

Exclusively for Lead Optimize Online Marketing Customers

Our postcard campaign services are reserved for our customers who are also signed up for one of our online marketing services. We will not execute and manage stand-alone print mail campaigns unless you have one of our online marketing packages. Learn more about our marketing services or total outsourced marketing.

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