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Lead Nurturing & Newsletters

Lead Nurturing & Newsletter Systems

Get the most out of the leads you generate with a custom-designed follow up program that keeps leads and customers in your buying cycle. Call us at (832) 628-0987 or contact us online to discuss how newsletters and lead nurturing can work for you.

Automated Lead Nurturing

It’s easiest if we start with a common truth: Most Leads Get Trashed. 

It’s true. Most new leads get trashed because they’re either bad leads, which is part of the normal process, or — and here’s the sad part — they get trashed because they are good leads but are not ready to buy TODAY. And, since business owners and salespeople tend to be swamped with making the world go ’round, nothing happens with those extremely valuable leads. Here’s how lead nurturing helps:

Most new leads can be categorized something like this…

Often, about 50% of the leads that come to you are good leads
— real customers with real money —
but they simply are not ready to buy.


Lead nurturing keeps them in your loop so they buy from YOU.

Think of automated lead nurturing like a sales assistant who works for you to take care of customer and lead follow up with personal emails. He makes sure that even when you’re too busy running your business (or your salespeople are too busy selling), your leads and customers are still getting notes from you and your company — reminders about your products, services, and offers.

Call us at 832-900-2000 or contact us online to ask about lead nurturing or newsletters for your business.

Email Newsletters

Along with lead nurturing, we handle your email newsletters. Why don’t we have more information about newsletters? Because you know what they are. Yes, we do them in the same system we use for lead nurturing, because lead nurturing is where your primary value lies. Let us know if you have any questions about lead nurturing, newsletters, or anything else.