Facebook Campaign Management

We execute professional and consistent Facebook Campaign Management for businesses using strategic content, posts, tags, and #hashtags. #FacebookCampaign

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What is Your Social Media Marketing Goal?

What is your goal with social media marketing? To get more traffic to your website? Generate leads? Get signups? Build your brand in a specific region? If your answer is yes to any of those then Facebook may be the right social media campaign platform to grow your business.

We Specialize in Facebook Campaign Management

For the vast majority of companies with limited resources, the best strategy for social media is to focus on a single platform and get really good at it -- and really get to know your audience there -- instead of spreading yourself too thinly by trying to build an audience on several platforms.

68% of adults in the US are on Facebook and it has the broadest range of ages of all social media platforms. That is, the majority of people in all age ranges use it. 

Due to Facebook's widespread audience and the fact that you can target your Facebook ads and messaging based age, gender, geography, and almost any interest, job type, hobby, and numerous other variables we maintain that Facebook is the best overall option for marketing small and medium businesses on social media. 

Facebook Marketing Services

We have three levels of Facebook Campaign Management services:

  • Consistent posting only -- for companies who simply want a more professional and consistent Facebook presence
  • Consistent posting plus ad management (up to two ads at a time) -- for companies who want a consistent Facebook presence AND proactive ad campaigns to generate traffic and leads
  • "Unlimited" and totally custom -- for our larger customers who need to run highly active campaigns and more ads simultaneously

If you would like some ideas about your Facebook campaign and how we can run it for you, call us at 832-900-2000 or contact us online.

Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook ad campaign management

Facebook ads can be targeted to nearly anyone.

We nearly always recommend paid ads on Facebook. In fact, in many cases, if our client does not want to spend any budget on Facebook ads, we will decline to take their money for Facebook campaign management at all. It simply wouldn't be cost-effective for them.

Facebook ads consistently deliver great value because you can target your audiences so specifically. Plus, they're still very inexpensive relative to other types of ads you can run and they are exceptionally flexible with no required run times. You can run an ad for an hour if you like and then try something else.

You can put your ads -- your offers and brand -- right in front of the people whose interests match your customers. Even  B2B companies find a lot of great success with Facebook ads because -- get this -- you can target people by job types and by affiliations or interests in specific industry associations (and more).

Contact Us About Facebook Campaign Management for Your Company

If you think Facebook marketing might be good fit for your business or even if you'd just like to bounce ideas around about how it might help you, call us at 832-900-2000 or contact us online.