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Chambers of Commerce in Houston

Houston Chambers of Commerce

We put together this list of more than 20 chambers of commerce in and around Houston — where we are based — as a resource for our clients and business partners. We hope it may somehow help you improve your sales and/or your supplier base. Businesses Should Know Their Chamber(s) of Commerce For many businesses,…

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Creative Christmas Gifts for Clients

Getting Christmas gifts for clients is often stressful for business owners and sales people. The challenge is always that people want to get something the client will remember; something that stands out from the boxes of chocolates, mixed nuts, cards, and doughnuts. Sure, you’re sending the present as a “thank you” but it’s nice to…

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Free Reputation Management Tool

There is a free “reputation management” tool available to anybody. It’s easy to use and, yes, 100% free. There aren’t even any strings attached. Google Alerts for Reputation Management It has been around for years and years now but some people just never ran across it and it seems like SOME people even just forgot…

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Marketing for Manufacturers & Capital Equipment

Lead Optimize is proud to announce our that we are focusing on designing, implementing, and managing marketing and sales support for manufacturers and capital equipment suppliers and distributors. Why Focus on Mfg’s & Cap Equipment? Frankly, that’s the marketing and sales support we’re best at doing. Our proven system is almost a formula for us.…

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Free Marketing Idea

Let Them Know You Are Thinking of Them This is more for sales than marketing but… You probably attend miscellaneous events or training on a regular basis where you get sales or informational materials you don’t want. Send those materials to send to someone — a prospect, friend, client — with a simple note such…

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