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Print & Mail Marketing

Using Print Mail to Find Targeted Customers

I love print mail. When used properly — which isn’t hard to do — it works great. Postcards, in particular, are awesome marketing tools for reaching customers in specific niches and for new products. They are also great for reaching new customers in existing markets who don’t know you exist. Yes, people just throw them away…

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Are Yellow Pages Worth The Cost?

I get asked a lot from small and medium business owners if I think Yellow Pages are worth the cost. Note: by “Yellow Pages”, I am referring generally to all print phone books with business listings and advertisements. Yes, I also mean to include the AT&T’s Yellow Pages but the term “Yellow Pages” has basically…

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Top Marketing Tip for Small Businesses

Repetition is the #1 tip I give to small businesses. To expand on that a little, I mean to choose some marketing activities and stick with them — repeat them. The biggest mistake made by managers — or whoever handles the marketing — is that they try something once and then drop it when it…

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