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An Essential Guide to Niche Marketing in 2019

An Essential Guide to Niche Marketing (2019) Whether you are a Hummer or an auto repair shop or manufacturer making products that go worldwide, there are specific niche markets you will be able to match with what you do best. This is where you’re aligning your operational strengths with your markets, with the available markets…

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4 Important Elements to Optimize Your Website’s Search Results Ranking

4 Important Elements to Optimize Your Website’s Search Results Ranking This article will discuss the four things that have got to be in every page of your website. Whether you’re doing a redesign, building a new website, or simply trying to optimize the site for the best results in search engine positions.  These tips will…

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Demographics of Facebook and Instagram Users

There are still — still! — tons of business owners who don’t believe Facebook (or social media, in general) is a valuable place for them to spend their marketing dollars. I’d like to submit that it may be the BEST place to spend your marketing dollars — if you care about ROI and overall effectiveness, anyway.…

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How to Make Product Videos or Off-the-Cuff Videos with Your Phone

If you’re trying to sell something — pretty much anything — you should be using video. I think it’s easy to say that the top reasons people don’t make videos are: Shyness or lack of confidence They think too hard about production I can’t do too much about your shyness or confidence but I can…

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Why Your PPC Campaign Didn't Work

In over 15 years of operating Pay Per Click campaigns (anyone remember Overture?) I can easily say that the vast majority of the time I hear someone complain about how PPC didn’t work for them it is for one of these two reasons — ASSUMING THEIR WEBSITE IS DESIGNED PROPERLY — and they are both…

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SEO is Dead, Focus on Topical Optimization

In my opinion, SEO is dead. Well, not dead but definitely dying — on it’s way out as we know it. I mean, you can say that Search Engine Optimization will always be needed because search engines aren’t going anywhere and such so, yeah, SEO — the most literal form of the phrase/acronym — will…

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Free Reputation Management Tool

There is a free “reputation management” tool available to anybody. It’s easy to use and, yes, 100% free. There aren’t even any strings attached. Google Alerts for Reputation Management It has been around for years and years now but some people just never ran across it and it seems like SOME people even just forgot…

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Online Press Release Services

Online press release services are a good way to get your information or story out there in the world quickly and measurably. The direct reasons for using online PR distribution services typically center around seo benefits and hopes of having the release get “picked up” by one or more media outlets from news websites to…

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Google is Changing Rapidly…

Here’s something Chris put together recently for a short presentation to business owners. Some “here’s what you’re seeing” info plus a little guidance. Call us at 832-628-0987 if you have any questions or want to re-produce or re-use this. We can provide a pdf upon request.

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Long Term SEO is the Way to Go

We get asked ALL THE TIME “can you get me to the top of Google?”  Sorry, Bing. No one asks about you. Well, yes. Yes, we can get you great positions in Google. 🙂 Oh, by next week? No, not anymore. Ok. We actually could get you there by next week but you wouldn’t stay…

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