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Niche Marketing

An Essential Guide to Niche Marketing in 2019

An Essential Guide to Niche Marketing (2019) Whether you are a Hummer or an auto repair shop or manufacturer making products that go worldwide, there are specific niche markets you will be able to match with what you do best. This is where you’re aligning your operational strengths with your markets, with the available markets…

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Diversify Your Revenue Streams Through Niches

Here in Houston, a lot of manufacturers — and quite a few service providers — are feeling the pinch of low oil prices. With so many years of a “go go go” mentality in the energy sector, a lot of manufacturers jumped on the energy bandwagon because that’s where the money was. Who can blame them?!…

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Here's Why Most Niche Marketing Fails

“Find a niche” or “get into a niche” is something business people throw around so much it has almost become a cliche. The thing is this: You really should find a niche. No, scratch that, you should find multiple niche products and niche markets to get into. Then, you should market to your niches. Remember…

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