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Marketing Questions

4 Important Elements to Optimize Your Website’s Search Results Ranking

4 Important Elements to Optimize Your Website’s Search Results Ranking This article will discuss the four things that have got to be in every page of your website. Whether you’re doing a redesign, building a new website, or simply trying to optimize the site for the best results in search engine positions.  These tips will…

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Why Your PPC Campaign Didn't Work

In over 15 years of operating Pay Per Click campaigns (anyone remember Overture?) I can easily say that the vast majority of the time I hear someone complain about how PPC didn’t work for them it is for one of these two reasons — ASSUMING THEIR WEBSITE IS DESIGNED PROPERLY — and they are both…

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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is primarily about how people find you. Inbound marketing methods are those used to capture leads or business from people who are actively searching for your products or services. Outbound marketing methods are those used to generate leads from, or build a brand with, people who are are not actively…

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How to Set a Marketing Budget

How much money should you spend on marketing? How do you decide? The questions is a common one and any method you use to choose the best marketing budget for your company has an “it depends” aspect to it (of course). One thing is sure: in order to gain market share, you need to outspend your competitors…

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Using Print Mail to Find Targeted Customers

I love print mail. When used properly — which isn’t hard to do — it works great. Postcards, in particular, are awesome marketing tools for reaching customers in specific niches and for new products. They are also great for reaching new customers in existing markets who don’t know you exist. Yes, people just throw them away…

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Should I Buy an Ad in a Buyers' Guide?

We often get this question and boils down to: Are ‘Buyers’ Guides’ worth the money? We deal with this on a pretty regular basis and have tried quite a few over the years for our own marketing or for clients (usually because the client feels it’s a good deal). Short answer: I don’t recommend spending…

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SEO is Dead, Focus on Topical Optimization

In my opinion, SEO is dead. Well, not dead but definitely dying — on it’s way out as we know it. I mean, you can say that Search Engine Optimization will always be needed because search engines aren’t going anywhere and such so, yeah, SEO — the most literal form of the phrase/acronym — will…

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Google is Changing Rapidly…

Here’s something Chris put together recently for a short presentation to business owners. Some “here’s what you’re seeing” info plus a little guidance. Call us at 832-628-0987 if you have any questions or want to re-produce or re-use this. We can provide a pdf upon request.

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Are Yellow Pages Worth The Cost?

I get asked a lot from small and medium business owners if I think Yellow Pages are worth the cost. Note: by “Yellow Pages”, I am referring generally to all print phone books with business listings and advertisements. Yes, I also mean to include the AT&T’s Yellow Pages but the term “Yellow Pages” has basically…

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