Earn 10% commission for sending clients our way

As an affiliate partner, you earn a 10% continual commission for any website design projects, website management packages, and/or online marketing packages we sign up as a direct result of your referrals. All you need to do is put in a good word for us and send them our way. We even provide you with sales materials and a dedicated contact form for your website.

Open to Anyone

The program is open to anyone (subject to approval). Ideal fits for the program include:

  • IT professionals, Printing Shops, & PR professionals who often get asked about websites & online marketing
  • Website designers who don't want to deal with monthly services (turn completed websites over to us)
  • Business or marketing consultants whose clients need online marketing services
  • Anyone who wants to make money as an affiliate partner

The Affiliate Partner Program is Simple

  • Your affiliate partner commission is 10% of pre-tax revenues from website projects, website management, marketing automation services or licenses, and WebQC® marketing packages. There is NO CAP on your rewards! Earn as much as you can. (Monthly revenues from clients ranges from $125 to over $5000).
  • Commissions from your referrals are paid for the life of the customer (as long as the referred account with Lead Optimize, LLC owned by Chris Denny continues and remains in good standing).
  • Referral must sign up for service within 90 days of receiving our proposal (many programs only do 30 days).
  • Commissions are paid approximately 30-60 days after Lead Optimize receives payment from the customer.
  • Affiliate participation is subject to Lead Optimize approval. Our main stipulations are that your referrals need to be “good leads” — people and companies that have expressed interest in our services – and that you cannot be an employee of, or otherwise have a direct interest in, your referral(s).

Examples of Affiliate Partner Earnings:

#1: Website Project: If you refer a customer who signs up for a $2,200 (pre-tax) website, your commission will be $220.

#2: Website Management: If a referral (such as the above website project customer) signs up for monthly website hosting and management at $125 (pre-tax) per month, your commission earnings will be:

  • $12.25 per month
  • $147 per year

#3: WebQC® Marketing Package: If a customer you refer signs up for one of our WebQC® marketing packages at $495 (pre-tax) per month, your earnings will be:

  • $49.50 per month
  • $594 per year (for a single customer)

That's pretty good for just referring people who ask you a question. What if you had 5 of those? How about 10 of them?

#4. One more... WebQC® Marketing Package with managed marketing automation: If a customer you refer signs up for one of our WebQC® marketing packages at $2500 (pre-tax) per month, your earnings will be:

  • $250 per month
  • $3,000 per year!

Again, what if you had 5 of those? How about 10 of them?

They add up! Do the math! It's a big impact!

How big of an impact can you make to your top line or your own income?!!! Read the examples again. And, seriously, all you have to do is refer people to us -- a simple, one-time action in exchange for years of payments. $5,000 per year, $20,000? $50,000? It's up to you. It's easy, in any case.

We Help You Sell

We are happy to help you promote your program in a variety of ways such as:

  • Designing flyers and displays for your office or shop
  • A lead form on your website (affiliate leads come directly to us for fastest response, copied to you)
  • Other ways — tell us what you have in mind!

So, you could give them a flier and then tell them to go to your own website to get a quote. Something like, YourSite.com/onlinemarketing (or whatever you want)

Get Started Here!

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