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We Serve a Wide Range of Businesses

We help companies grow and we make marketing exceptionally simple for them to understand and use. These are some of the types of businesses we serve:

  • Building Materials
  • Home Decor Products & Services — Cabinets & Lighting
  • Medical — Doctors, Physical Therapists, Dentists
  • Printing Services — Paper Products & Signs
  • Office Equipment Suppliers & Repair Services
  • 3D Printer Sales & 3D Prototyping
  • Legal & Investigations
  • Confections
  • Home Services — Plumbing, Pest Control, Landscaping
  • Automotive Repair
  • Transportation
  • Staffing & Personnel Services

Here Are Some Real Client Examples

Manufacturer of Custom Building Materials

Client's Challenge: Needed a Marketing Department

The company is well known within several unique niches and is always open to finding new niche markets that fit its existing products and custom production capabilities. They thrive on having a constant flow of leads to "feed" their salespeople. Spending marketing dollars in the general building materials categories (e.g., home construction or road construction) has always been a waste of money for them but marketers and advertisers always push them towards the more general markets because they did not appreciate their strengths and the value they offer within their niche markets.

Solution: Total Outsourced Marketing Department

Since Lead Optimize's "niche is niches" we fully understood the importance of driving their brand -- and the messaging about their unique products and capabilities -- and lead generation strategies into the unique niche markets where they excel and get the best margins.

At about half the cost of in-house marketing talent they now have professional guidance and management on all marketing matters, multiple websites ("corporate" and niche sites), pay per click (PPC) campaigns, ultra-effective search engine optimization (SEO), print ad campaigns in multiple niche market magazines, multiple ongoing and profitable post card campaigns targeted at various markets, email newsletters & email lead nurturing, dozens of product videos, professional sales folders and multiple fliers, call and lead tracking, detail reporting on all online metrics and in-bound phone calls, and more. The result is hundreds of targeted leads coming into their salespeople each month, all delivered withing their budget. We even have monthly marketing meetings with them.

Auto Repair Service with Two Locations

Client's Challenge: Wanted to Delegate Marketing

One of the owners of this 40 year old family business had been handling the company's marketing himself with the use of occasional contractors but he had the usual problems with them -- often low quality, short-term freelancers who were gone (they took a job) when he needed an update. He simply wanted to focus on his business and hand the marketing over to someone he could trust to keep it going and built it up. Then, he met Chris at Lead Optimize.

Solution: Automated Marketing

Their marketing needs were fairly straightforward (at least for Lead Optimize) and they had some great niche opportunities they weren't fully capitalizing upon. Lead Optimize initially stuck with their existing website design to keep costs low and because it worked well and fit their "family" style but we rebuilt it structurally from within. Before they knew it, they had 3 times as much traffic as before (now, they have more than 10X the traffic) and were getting a lot more leads and customers.

With Lead Optimize managing their website, online marketing, SEO, social media, Google map listings, and content creation the owner can delegate anything marketing related. If he wants an ad in a magazine, he puts the editor in touch with Lead Optimize.  When he wants to run a local print mail campaign, he calls us. Our press releases have put him on the news and if he wants new images, services, employees, hours, or whatever added to the website or social media, he just sends an email to Lead Optimize. And, if he just wants to bounce an idea around, we're here for that, too. We also provide reporting, of course. His marketing is better than ever and he's delegated nearly 100% of it. 

Home Remodeling & Home Additions Contractor

Client's Challenge: Needs Leads for Growth

This established remodeling contractor had a great reputation for his kitchen and bath remodeling as well as for the occasional custom home construction because of the consistent quality control system he had in place. However, his sales were inconsistent because his marketing was done when he had time and dropped off when he was busy (we call it the Small Business Marketing Conundrum). With a solid operational system in place and employees he could trust, he was ready to grow -- so he needed consistent leads via email and phone.

Solution: Consistent Online Lead Generation

Lead Optimize developed a lead generation strategy based on his geographic reach, specialties & strengths, and his budget. We designed a new website and implemented steady search engine optimization (SEO), content generation, and a pay per click (PPC) campaign to keep them highly visible when people searched Google and other search engines. It worked. Within a few years, his business had grown to a point where he was able to sell a significant portion of the company to investor-partners. He remained with the company to manage operations. We maintain their consistent presence online and manage profitable PPC campaign to drive a consistent level of leads which we adjust based on seasonal demand.

Specialty & Custom Furniture Retail Store

Client's Challenge: Struggling Website & Online Presence

The owner of a specialty furniture store in north Houston called us because, after about a year in business, she was struggling with her online presence and was not getting the volume of people through her doors that she knew was possible. She had been managing her online marketing herself and had come to the conclusion that she might be better off focusing on selling furniture and letting someone else handle the website, SEO, and PPC.

Solution: Top of Google Presence & Consistent Leads

We immediately saw the untapped opportunities for her hyper-niche business -- she should have been at top of Google for her business in Houston (and we got her there). We redesigned her website, built out the image galleries, and implemented SEO, PPC via Google Adwords, and remarketing (also via Google Adwords). We wanted to make sure that waaaay more people found the business when they searched for related products online AND that we could get as many as possible of those visitors to return to the website after visiting (that's why we're doing the remarketing). Additionally, we consulted her on some better ways to manage and promote her Facebook and Instagram accounts because she was/is better off doing herself because of the fast turnover of products.

Business is good and we like to think the increased web presence (seriously, top of Google), consistent leads, and general guidance we gave contributed to her recent move into a bigger, nicer showroom. We always love to see hardworking, small businesses like hers do so well.

Business Broker Specializing in Schools & Daycare Centers

Client's Challenge: Need Ultra-Targeted Leads

This company is truly a leader in its industry. Unlike traditional business brokers, they only sell private schools and daycare centers and they do it in a way no one else does it. The weakness in their marketing was that they spent a ton of time on prospecting via personal sales & networking OR in vetting poor quality leads that came in through their traditional marketing methods. Part of their truly exceptional service is a fairly complex vetting process for new clients. They spend hours on each prospective new client to make sure they are a fit for one another. That significant investment in each new lead means they prefer to attract only the highest quality leads (those that match their criteria). This is an element to consider for every client -- no one wants to waste time on poor leads -- but most companies would prefer to get a lead, even it's not a fit, just to have a connection for the future. Of course, for most companies, a bad lead costs little more than a few minutes on the phone. 

Solution: Ultra-Targeted Online Marketing

We redesigned their old and outdated website with a new look & feel and messaging that is welcoming while clarifying. The messaging subtly defines for visitors who will be most successful working with them to sell their school business. In addition to messaging that speaks specifically to their ideal customers their website is also listed in the top three of Google for their most important keyword search phrases to ensure they have a strong nationwide presence online.

Our Specialty Markets: Marketing for Manufacturers, Construction, and Services

Our proven system for branding, lead generation, and sales support is primarily designed for companies whose sales process is lengthy and/or complex — which is often the case for manufacturers, construction companies (service and supply), and various services.

We are exceptionally good at operating marketing within specific niches and making the most of marketing dollars to capture leads and market share within those niches.

We design, implement, and manage marketing systems and sales support to improve branding, consistently generate leads, and increase sales in your most profitable markets and niches.

Marketing is a Technical Field Now

Marketing is rapidly becoming a highly technical field where the best options and methods available change on a regular basis.

Even 10 years ago, it was relatively simple for a business owner — or an assistant — to manage most of a company’s marketing. Marketing has simply become too technical now and there are too many marketing options out there for most business owners and managers to keep up with on top of everything else they have to do. Where should you spend your marketing dollars? While your focus and strategy will remain the same, as much as 50% of your marketing mix (the marketing tool box) may need to change within the next year to keep it performing effectively. The days of putting an ad in “The Yellow Pages” and running a few ads in magazines are gone for most businesses.

Businesses owners and managers that outsource marketing find their marketing becomes more consistent and effective while allowing them to focus on maximizing value, customer service, employee productivity, and the multitude of other responsibilities owners and managers have.

With Lead Optimize, you can confidently delegate marketing  to your Lead Optimize marketing manager and his or her team, which you can count on to “take the ball and run with it.”

Total Marketing or Support

We handle the total marketing strategy, management, and daily implementation for some clients while other clients only need support with one of our marketing services packages, such as online marketing and website management.

Sales Support & Lead Nurturing

We directly support the sales teams for some clients with sales materials design and updates (brochures, business cards, direct mail) and automated lead nurturing which is essentially like having a very inexpensive — and automated — sales assistant following up leads for your sales people weekly or after events such as trade shows or seminars.

There are other benefits to the lead nurturing system, of course. Sales support and lead nurturing is the most cost-effective way to maximize the value from the leads generated by your marketing. Learn more about lead nurturing here.

Why Businesses Outsource Marketing to Lead Optimize

  • Best Marketing Value

    Lead Optimize is the best value in marketing options -- it's our mission. Business owners and managers can delegate marketing responsibilities to their Lead Optimize marketing manager and trust that profitable marketing will be delivered. 

  • Consistent and Dedpendable

    With Lead Optimize, businesses get professional, consistent, and prolific marketing that stays current with the latest marketing methods and tools and is overseen by a professional and experienced marketing manager -- all within the budget you set (and no long-term contracts).


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