70 Marketing Ideas To Get Attention For Your Business

Sometimes when it comes to marketing your business and you aren't see any results, it can make feel like you've already done everything in your power to attract clients.  You may even feel like there are no ideas left to pursue.  With over a decade providing marketing services for various clients, we've utilized a plethora of ideas for marketing clients in the past.  Ranging from the strange to the mundane, these marketing ideas are sure to put a spark back into your marketing plan.  Without further idea, take a look at our comprehensive list of 80 marketing ideas that will help revitalize your business's marketing.

  1. Billboards - Fairly straightforward, buy a billboard in your local town or in the marketing you are wishing to break into.  
  2. Ad in Newsletter - Seek out a local newsletter in your area to ask if you can advertise your business in.
  3. Flash Mob - Having a flash mob show wearing your business’s apparel at a place that is usually crowded is a great way to advertise your business and show people you are willing to go above and beyond.
  4. Costume Mascot - One of the more popular things to do is having a costumed mascot promoting outside of your business.  This is always a guarantee to turn heads and garner attention for your business.
  5. Airplane Banner - If you have a popular park or outdoor area in your city, this is a perfect way to advertise your business utilizing guerilla marketing tactics.
  6. Sign Truck - Having a truck with your business’s logo drive around your city is another great way of guerilla marketing.  It is a relatively inexpensive way to advertise your business, especially if you already have work trucks driving around.
  7. Neighborhood Newsletters - In case you didn’t know, many neighborhoods have their own newsletters.  If you have a small local business, this is a great place to start advertising your business.
  8. Blog - Start a blog writing about various topics related to your business and industry.  This is an excellent way to showcase your knowledge and expertise, while also promoting your business.  If you utilize keywords correctly, your blog will show up in Google searches.
  9. Networking - Visit chambers of commerce in your city and of your industry to start networking with other professionals and potential clients in your area.
  10. Email newsletters - Start a newsletter to keep your clients and potential customers up to date with new products and services your business offers.  This is a straightforward tactic and mainly only requires setting time aside to write and plan your newsletter.
  11. Ads on Websites - Utilize Google Ads to have them place ads on websites that will reach your potential customers.  Remarketing ads is a great way to remind potential customers of your services and products as it reminds them of your business while they browse the internet.
  12. Painted Water Tower - Depending on the water towers in your area, it may be hard to attain this since many painted towers are permanent.  However, if possible, this is a great way to market your business since the towers are usually in highly populated, residential areas.
  13. Golf Tournament - Host a small golf tournament with various small prizes, whether monetarily or material gifts.  This will no doubt bring in a diverse demographic to the attention of your business while also being a fun event.
  14. Cookout/Grilling - Similar to hosting a tournament, hosting a cookout will be sure to bring out various types of people to your event.  Therefore, leading to many new people and potential customers learning about your business.
  15. Wine Tasting - Wine tasting is a great event for socializing and mingling.  It’s an automatic icebreaker since you are all there to try and talk about the wine.  Therefore, allowing you to more simply ease into discussing your business.
  16. Fun Run - This can be a fun run for simply promoting your business.  However, if you want to make the most of it, you’re better off teaming up with a charity to help bring people together for a good cause.
  17. Singing Telegrams - Depending on the client you’re trying to attract, this could be an awesome, eclectic way to court them.  It’s not something you see very often, but it can show the business or individual that you are devoted to getting their business.
  18. Objects Delivered to Their Clients - Sometimes simply hand delivering to your clients is promotion in itself.  It shows them you care and will most likely cause them to return as a future client. 
  19. Social Media  - This may sound fairly simple, but many businesses don’t take the time to nurture their online presence on social media.  Consider setting some time each week to plan out some posts so you don’t feel overwhelmed with having to do it everyday.
  20. Cold Calls - While this is starting to be looked down upon these days, it is a proven way to garner unexpected customers if you have a promising list of contacts to call from.
  21. Streaker at Big Event - This is a bit out of the ordinary.  However, if you are into the idea of trying something fringe, this will no doubt turn heads at the event.  Just be prepared to possibly pay some fines in the long run.
  22. Blimp - Similar to an airplane banner, this is a good way to promote your business in an area with open sky in a popularly visited area.  Not only that, but blimps aren’t commonly seen as they used to be, so it’d definitely be sure to turn heads.
  23. Bandit Signs - Relatively cheap to make, it’s a low risk method to invest in.  Furthermore, these signs can go just about anywhere.  In front of homes, in front of homes, and even in public spaces. 
  24. Tattoos on People - Typically, if you ask individuals to do this, you have to be willing to offer up something in exchange for it.  This could be giving them a permanent discount on your products or services.  If you have an exceptionally cool logo, more people could be willing to do it and then you could have them share it on social media.
  25. Balloons - Putting up balloons outside of your business’s office or storefront is a passive way to garner attention for your business.  It’s fairly affordable and is straightforward without having to put too much energy into doing.
  26. Mugs - People love coffee and tea.  What better way than to promote your business than giving out promotional mugs with your logo and website on it?  You can send this out to past clients or offer it when certain criteria are met.
  27. SEO - Optimize and  improve the quality and quantity of website traffic to your website by ensuring your website has the correct headings, has accurate image file names and descriptions, utilizes relevant keywords, has engaging, unique content, and is indexed by Google.  This is definitely one of the first steps you should take when looking to improve your business’s visibility.
  28. ​​Seminars - Host a seminar where you invite potential customers and business partners to introduce your business’s products and services.  Sometimes demonstrating or explaining what your business’s offerings in person and in real time helps people better understand your business’s intentions.
  29. Webinars - Webinars are similar to webinars except you can typically host more than one without having to worry about coordinating venues and scheduling mass of people.  Additionally, webinars allow you to host individuals from around the world instead of just in your local city or town.  Furthermore, you can record webinars and host them on your website or distribute them with potential customers and business partners.
  30. Video Commercials - Tried and true.  Video commercials are always an ideal way to garner attention from potential customers.  These days video commercials are versatile because you can use them on your business’s website, your business’s social media, YouTube, Twitch TV, as well as on television.
  31. TV - While it may seem like TV watching has fallen by the wayside, and this may be true for some of the younger generations, there are stay at home parents and whole generations of older people who still watch TV.  Depending on your product or service, the great thing about TV commercials is you can choose what time your business’s commercial will air to properly target your audience and customer base.
  32. Radio - Acquire a radio spot at your local radio station.  It doesn’t have to be anything too over the top.  You just need to have a good, concise script explaining your business’s products and services to quickly promote your business’s.
  33. Viral Videos - Getting a viral video can be a difficult task to attain, especially since it’s up to the internet to decide what is and isn’t viral.  However, if you think outside the box and come up with a unique video concept, you will no doubt gain widespread popularity and notoriety for your business.  And these days, almost nothing beats a good viral video when it comes to promotion.
  34. How to Videos - If your business provides a service, this can be an ideal time for you and your business to shine.  Creating how-to-videos on a service can put on display your business’s expertise and knowledge.  Alternatively, if you have a unique product, you can create videos showing how your business manufactures it.  Creating videos for either of the aforementioned subjects will ideally and typically build trust in your customer base.
  35. Car Decals - From simple small stickers to entire car wraps, car decals are fantastic ways to passively promote your business.  While car wraps may be more relegated to that of personal cars or work vehicles, small decal stickers can be given out to customers and employees to place on the bumpers of their vehicles.  
  36. Coasters - Relatively cheap to produce, coasters are terrific promotional items to give away to customers and potential business partners.  There are sites where you can order thousands of coasters for under $400.  
  37. Ads on Neighborhood Newsletters - If your business provides direct services or products to the local community, posting ads in your neighborhood newsletter is a good way to introduce or promote your business to the local community.  In addition to posting an advertisement, you can also post discounts or coupons to your ad that will entice customers to visit your business or acquire your services.
  38. Forums & Blogs - Create an online place for customers to be able to visit where they can gain reliable information from your business.  This can be creating a blog where communication is primarily one way where you post articles, or alternatively create a forum where you and your customers can freely communicate back and forth.  Either of these ideas will allow you to easily build more rapport and trust with your customers.
  39. Contest - Host a contest to boost sales and engagement in your customer base.  A contest can look like picking the 100th customer, hosting a raffle, posting on social media for customers to leave a like or post and then randomly selecting the winner, and much more.  There are many more contest ideas to choose from, just be sure to be creative and fair.
  40. Telemarketing - Sometimes when your business wants to break into a new market, you may not have the tools or the means to break in via regular marketing means.  Utilizing a trusted list for that area to call potential customers for your product and service can be superior.  Furthermore, telemarketing doesn’t have to be solely over the phone.  Telemarketing can be done via email and web conferencing.  Be sure to utilize all of the free tools available.
  41. Facebook Ads - While many move on from Facebook to Instagram and TikTok, people tend to forget about how big Facebook actually is.  As of the second quarter of 2021, there are still over two billion active users.  That means next to Google Ads, Facebook ads are the next biggest platform you can promote your business on.  Be sure to take advantage of Facebook ads and its deep demographic pool.
  42. Podcast Sponsor - Podcasts are always seeking sponsors as they are typically free and they usually make their money by way of sponsorships.  Finding a podcast that is relevant to your business’s industry and that is seeking sponsors is an ideal way to attract and widen your customer base.
  43. Charity Support - Openly supporting a charity is a terrific way to gain positive publicity and buzz around your business.  The easiest method is to donate a certain amount of money per each sale that your business makes.  Doing so will also allow customers to feel included in your charity campaign.
  44. Open House (product showcase) - Nothing is better than letting your customer base and potential business partners have a real time look at your products than having an open house to display or promote your business’s products.  
  45. In House Networking Event - When hosting an in house networking event, your business better controls the atmosphere in comparison to a chamber of commerce.  It will allow you all to have products out on display, hand out brochures, host a conference, have speakers, and any any other idea you may have.  
  46. Create a Social Org - This could be starting a sports activity club or a pop culture club.  Social organizations will attract a diverse group of people outside of your business and help plant your business as an active entity in the community.  
  47. Create a Charity Org - An excellent route to gain positive publicity is to create a charity organization.  Ideally it is best to start one that you are compassionate about so that you’ll be fully devoted to the message and activism.
  48. Volunteer - Organize a day where your business will volunteer at a local charity organization.  Not only is this a great way to gain positive publicity and rapport with your community, but it is also a good opportunity to build positive relationships and morale within your business.
  49. Tiktok - Tiktok is the premiere social media platform right now.  The platform has allowed many people and companies to uniquely showcase their expertise.  Creating a Tiktok account is free, so there’s nothing to lose in trying it out.  You never know, your business might just become the next viral sensation.
  50. Video Blog - Create a video blog showcasing your business’s expertise.  This is a perfect opportunity to showcase your business can do what you say you can.  You don’t have to give up secrets about your practices, just show your general abilities.
  51. Individual Emails - Sending personalized emails to your clients and customers shows that you care about them each individually.  Doing this will help you build a rapport with them and ideally cause repeat business.
  52. Gifts by Mail - Build further rapport with your customers or partner companies by sending them gifts for their business.  It doesn’t need to be something overly expensive.  Choose an item that is relevant to your business but also memorable.
  53. Product Samples by Mail - If your business sells commercial products, consider promoting your products by sending your products to past or potential customers.  Sometimes seeing is believing, and this is an excellent way to get your product into customer hands so they can try it out for themselves.
  54. Monthly/Yearly Event  - Garner public and community rapport by hosting an annual public event.  It can be anything from hosting a fair to hosting a sporting event.  Any sort of community event will generally allow you to generate positive buzz around your business’s name.
  55. Widget Tools on Websites - Utilizing widget tools on your website will allow visitors to easily interact or engage with your website.  This could look like something as an accessibility widget that allows people with disabilities to better interact with your website, a very good tool to use to not alienate a demographic.  Another common tool is the chatbot.  Chatbots allow visitors to be engaged with your site and help quickly direct visitor traffic to pages they’re looking for.  In addition, certain chatbots can keep customers engaged until a real person can jump in to communicate with said visitors.  
  56. Troubleshooting Sections on Site - Another concept to build rapport and trust with your business’s customer base is to add a dedicated troubleshooting section to your site.  Doing so shows your dedicated support to aiding customers should they need support and your devotion to backing your business’s service.
  57. Community Resources on Site/Newsletter - Dedicating a community resources page on your website creates an environment where your business will attract diverse visitors that can become potential customers while also showing devotion to the community.  Alternatively, your business can partner with local organizations and other noncompetitive businesses in your area to establish a business newsletter that keeps your customer base upto date on both your business services and community events.
  58. Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger hunts aren’t just for children!  Invite the community or business partners to your business’s scavenger hunt.  Promotion for the scavenger hunt to attract attendees is fairly simple.  Simply promote the prizes attendees can win.  Prizes can include small monetary rewards, gift certificates, and electronic gifts like video game consoles and televisions.  Share the upcoming event on your website, in email campaigns, on social media, and in community newsletters.
  59. "Brownbag" lunch - Typically brownbag lunches refers to internal employee trainings and seminars.  However, this doesn’t always have to be the case.  You can host an open luncheon or by invite only to potential customers to have them sit in on a brief seminar or conference.  Free food is always a good way to attract attendees to your invite.  Additionally, brownbag lunches create an informal environment with less pressure than a usual business conference or meeting.
  60. Sponsor Niche Markets - Sponsoring niche markets looks like partnering with bike trails to place signs along them or placing signs on a golf course.  Think outside the box for this marketing strategy.  It can really be anything that allows you to get an upperhand in a niche market where other businesses are not capitalizing on.
  61. Instagram Ads - Especially great for promoting products, Instagram business allows you to create a store within the platform.  Instagram Shopping is a set of features that allow people to shop your photos and videos. Tell your story and highlight products seamlessly so people can shop in the moment.
  62. "How to" Clinics - Clinics are great for getting direct engagement with your customers.  It allows your business to give customers an opportunity to get hands-on, in person experience on how to create, repair, or utilize your products or services.  Simply another excellent opportunity to build rapport and trust with your customers.
  63. Testimonials From Clients - From Yelp reviews to Google reviews, there is no shortage of avenues to gain testimonials.  Be sure to ask your customers to leave a review of their time with your service.  Most customers if they have a positive experience will willingly leave a review for.  However, you can also give customers a small discount for future services if they leave a review.  Additionally, not only can you and should you add testimonials to your site and newsletters, but Google reviews specifically also help improve local search rankings.
  64. Testimonial Video from clients - Video testimonials are leaps and bounds one of the best promotional tools you can utilize.  They allow potential customers to see the genuine reaction and positivity that past customers had using your business’s products and services.  Moreover, video testimonials can be used on your business’s website, email newsletters, and social media.
  65. Messages From Employees - Messages from employees can be an exceptionally valuable promotional tool, especially if your business utilizes salespersons.  Simply reaching out to past clients and letting them know how much their business is appreciated will keep your business on their minds.  When the time comes for them to need similar services again, they will more than likely be a returning customer.  Messages can be sent via email or by mail.  The more personal, the better.
  66. Painting Event  - Sponsor a painting event for the community.  It’s an excellent promotional strategy to create a fun and creative event.  
  67. Influencers - Hiring an influencer is pretty much the concept of hiring a spokesperson for your business with the exception that they have their own built in audience who trust them.  Influencers are highly effective since they usually have a substantial amount of followers that are actively engaging with their content.  Influencers are on all the digital platoformjs ranging from YouTube to Instagram to TikTok and everything in between.  Depending on the contract you sign with the influencer, they can post multiple videos and or pictures on their feeds over a set period of time to give your business’s brand a boost.
  68. Marketing Automation - Automations are oftentimes overlooked by local businesses for one reason or another.  Whether people think it is expensive or they find it complicated to set up, it’s not being utilized as it should.  Marketing automations allow you to build out marketing campaigns utilizing landing pages, email marketing, and automated contact form replies.  If utilized optimally, you can create marketing funnels that seamlessly work to drive your audience to committing to a sale.
  69. Free Online Courses - If your business’s product or service is within the technical realm, free online courses on how to utilize it can be ideal ways to build rapport with your customer base.  Online courses don’t only have to be about your business’s service or product, it can be free online courses related to your business’s industry.  This is another way to showcase and share your business’s knowledge with your customers.
  70. Door Hangers - For businesses that provide direct services to their local communities, door hangers are exceptional promotional tools.  Door hangers are relatively inexpensive to order in bulk and you can easily place them in residential areas without having to knock or be invasive.

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