An Essential Guide to Niche Marketing in 2019

An Essential Guide to Niche Marketing (2019)

Whether you are a Hummer or an auto repair shop or manufacturer making products that go worldwide, there are specific niche markets you will be able to match with what you do best.

This is where you're aligning your operational strengths with your markets, with the available markets out there. Who needs what you're best at doing?  The idea behind this is: You will typically get better margins, have more fun doing it, make more money, and the customers truly appreciate the service you’re providing.  

Identify and Define

So, once you identify that, identify the market and then clearly define it.  For example, if you are an auto repair shop and you find that you do an amazing job with diesel mufflers, perfect. That is a great niche market, because there are lots of people with diesel mufflers, diesel exhausts, and they have fairly unique concerns and wants.

Market Immersion

Be all in on that specific market. You can still continue to do what you do everywhere- everywhere else.  However, for this market, get to know them better, then start using targeting messaging & materials just for them. Continuing with the auto repair example, you could create sort of a sub-campaign from the rest of your marketing that is all about diesel exhaust, diesel performance exhaust, and repairing diesel. It can be for trucks, for big cars, for little cars.

Hone in Your Message

So, whether you're talking about print ads, paid ads online, or general marketing, speak specifically to your market and to the things they are concerned about.  Don't use the same type of language you use in the rest of your marketing, because it's going to sound too general. Your audience won’t feel that genuine connection. You may not come across as someone who's actually an expert at what they need, when in reality you are.

Online vs. Offline

In the online world, there are Facebook groups, there are there are blogs and forums for just about everything.  Join whichever ones seem fit, make a genuine presence and get to know the community.

This has two benefits. One is it will really tell you what kind of stuff they're interested in, what they're doing, what kind of questions they're asking.  And secondly, sometimes you'll have the opportunity to answer as the expert, and just say, "We've been doing this and we find this is the solution," and things of that nature. Don't try to sell on there, just be the expert and people will- will tend to appreciate you for your expert opinions.

In the offline world, there are associations for everything you can think of. So get on Google and look for things like association for blank or, membership for blank. Those are places where you can maybe go in person and potentially sponsor things. Maybe you just go and hang out and be part of the gang, and after a while they start to respect and think of you as the expert.

Optimize Your Website

And then finally, add to the website. This goes along with targeting messaging and materials. Anytime you have a special niche market that you can serve particularly well, make sure you have a section on your website that is just for them. This is one of the best places for you to distribute the content because it's very shareable and you can have all kinds of content there.

You will have the written content of course, but then you can also have images of the projects you've done. In addition, you can have videos of the projects you've done that’ll show your expertise in action.  These videos can demonstrate what kind of tools you have that are special, because people in your target market often will recognize these things and that will communicate to them that, yeah, you really are an expert in this particular field that they identify with.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.  If you can't tell, we love this topic. Let us know if we can help you with anything pertaining to online marketing.  And be sure to watch some of our videos or read another article while you’re here to learn more!

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