4 Important Elements to Optimize Your Website’s Search Results Ranking

4 Important Elements to Optimize Your Website’s Search Results Ranking

This article will discuss the four things that have got to be in every page of your website.

Whether you’re doing a redesign, building a new website, or simply trying to optimize the site for the best results in search engine positions.  These tips will start you down the right path to optimizing your website's search engine results ranking.



Headings (especially H1)


The first 3 listed items tell Google what that specific page on your website is all about while the latter tell search engine users what you're about.

1. URL

The URL is what shows up in that address bar on the browser.  That is how you name your page from a technical standpoint.

2. Title

This is the meta title, this is Google’s title for the page.

3. Headings

These are the headings that are in the content of a page; such as H2, H3, etc.  However, the H1 is going to be your main title in the body of your page.  Think of headings as if they were applicable to a book, with the H1 being the name of the book and the subsidiary titles being the names of chapters.

When you do a search on Google and get the Search Engine Results pages, the title and the description are the two things you see. 

4. Description

The description is important, Google doesn’t necessarily use it directly for SEO, however, description is what describes your page on the search engine results page.  That is what makes people click through, so you want it to be descriptive, include keywords, and be engaging to your audience.

Keyword Integration

Lastly, be sure to integrate your targeted keywords into all of the aforementioned tips.  Mentioning keywords help users searching for similar queries find you while simultaneously help strengthen your website's content.

Google recognizes the click through rate, and web pages that get better click through rates from search engine result pages; get better positions in search engine results.

If you are missing some or all of these, it's time to start updating your website.

For more information on how to further optimize your website and generate more leads, contact us today!

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