How to Make Product Videos or Off-the-Cuff Videos with Your Phone

If you’re trying to sell something — pretty much anything — you should be using video. I think it’s easy to say that the top reasons people don’t make videos are:

  • Shyness or lack of confidence
  • They think too hard about production

I can’t do too much about your shyness or confidence but I can help you get past some production hurdles — and maybe that be enough to help you get going.

Again, if you’re trying to sell something online, you should be using video.

In the video below, I’ve addressed the main things you need to know about making an off-the-cuff video. For product videos, the camera will probably be pointed at the product (or the results) you are trying to sell. Of course, you can do a mix of both. Most phones allow you to switch between front and back cameras while recording.

Video: How to Make Product or Off-the-Cuff Videos with Your Phone

One thing I forgot to address in the video is: “How long should my videos be?” The best answer is: “Only as long as it needs to be.” More specifically, anywhere from 15 seconds to no longer than 5 minutes. Shorter is generally better so try to stay under 2 minutes.

You Only Need Your Phone. No Computer Needed.

Something I want to make sure you understand 100% is that you don’t need to move videos to your computer before putting them online. Everything can be done in your phone. Awesome, right?

Upload Straight to YouTube

As mentioned before, you don’t need a computer. If you don’t need to edit your video, you can upload it directly to YouTube immediately after recording. If you want to do any kind of editing such as adding subtitles or a title screen, you can use an app on your phone and THEN upload it to you YouTube.

In-Phone Editing

You don’t have to edit your videos before uploading to YouTube but if you want… I use the We Video app for editing videos in my phone. There are apps that do more but We Video keeps it simple and that’s exactly why I like it. I don’t want to spend all day editing a product video or an off-the-cuff video. I just want to get it online.

Go Make Videos!

Get out there and make a video… or two… or three. Just get started. Your first ones might be rough but so what. If the information is good, people will watch them anyway.

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