Online Press Release Services

Online press release services are a good way to get your information or story out there in the world quickly and measurably.

The direct reasons for using online PR distribution services typically center around seo benefits and hopes of having the release get “picked up” by one or more media outlets from news websites to blogs and getting redistributed. At the end of the day, it’s about branding, lead generation by increasing visibility through better positions in search engines and/or more visibility (which you also get through better positions in search engines).

Are Online Press Releases Worth the Time and Cost?

In short, yes. But, let’s be clear about something. Getting press releases noticed — whether online or offline — is actually kind of difficult (even though those long copy sales pages tell you differently). With that in mind, online press releases are a bit easier to swallow than offline press releases (think traditional snail mail) from a cost-benefit standpoint for the simple reason that the math is more direct. You pay $XX (or $0.00) for specific benefits which usually include reporting and often guaranteed placements on some number of great-sounding publications. With offline, it’s more like you pay $XX per piece plus postage and mail them off. Want feedback? Pay for certified mail or call the contacts and ask if they received it.

SUGGESTION: Traditional press releases get a lot of help from the “who do you know?” business model. Do you know any contacts at the publications where you want your content published? No? Call and introduce yourself. Obviously, this will be tough for Esquire but you shouldn’t have much trouble doing this effectively with regional or niche industry publications.

IDEA: Once your press release is placed on Reuter’s website, you can now print/e-book/whitepaper that thing with an “as seen in Reuter’s” mention. Worth it.

We Use Online Press Releases for Our Clients

We send online press releases for our clients on a regular basis — for all the reasons listed above. We also do traditional press releases but only for pretty special events or as part of a total campaign we’re really trying to get extra media support for.

List of Online Press Release Services

Here’s a list of quality online PR distribution services we keep on hand. We use some or all depending on the type of campaign, goals, and industry.

There are others — many others, actually — but this list is about putting together a list of good quality online press release services marketers can expect to add value to their repertoire.

If you’d like help getting your press releases distributed online or offline, contact us online or call us at 832-628-0987. We’ll make sure your press releases (and all marketing messages) are distributed professionally and consistently.

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