Marketing for Manufacturers & Capital Equipment

Lead Optimize is proud to announce our that we are focusing on designing, implementing, and managing marketing and sales support for manufacturers and capital equipment suppliers and distributors.

Why Focus on Mfg’s & Cap Equipment?

Frankly, that’s the marketing and sales support we’re best at doing. Our proven system is almost a formula for us. Of course, the marketing tools and implementation are customized for each client but the total system of marketing for manufacturers and capital equipment suppliers and distributors is something we’ve development into a smoothly operating machine.

How Does the Lead Optimize System Work?

The marketing system we’ve development for manufacturers and capital equipment involves lead generation and branding via multiple tools and media (online and offline) combined with automated lead nurturing and sales support. The Lead Optimize marketing system is ultra-effective for companies with a lengthy or complex sales process — often the case for manufacturers, distributors, and capital equipment suppliers.

We create presence, bring in leads, deliver them to sales people, and make sure to extract the most value possible from those leads by keeping our clients’ products or services in front of them until they are ready to buy. We also help salespeople with their direct sales efforts such as prospecting and event attendance.

Companies who want more visibility in their marketplace, need consistent leads, and want to “professionalize” their sales system or support existing salespeople with better sales materials and services like lead follow up are typically the best fit for our services.

Do You Still Take on Other Types of Clients?

Absolutely! This focus on manufacturing & capital equipment is primarily about focusing our internal decisions regarding our own marketing and the investments we make in technology and training.

We’re still great at marketing for all types of companies — and we only accept clients whose marketing we are certain we can succeed with. We have clients in industries such as:

  • Auto Service
  • Auto Transport
  • Shipping / Freight
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Security / Investigations
  • Construction (Commercial & Residential)
  • Consulting
  • Energy / Oil & Gas

We appreciate referrals for companies in any industry and we’ll always be honest about our assessment and ability to implement and manage their marketing effectively. If we don’t think we’ll succeed with your marketing, we won’t even spend the time it takes to create a proposal. What would be the point of wasting our time and your money?

Call 832-628-0987 or contact us online if you’d like to discuss your marketing. We look forward to talking with you.

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