Long Term SEO is the Way to Go

We get asked ALL THE TIME “can you get me to the top of Google?”  Sorry, Bing. No one asks about you.

Well, yes. Yes, we can get you great positions in Google. 🙂

Oh, by next week? No, not anymore.

Ok. We actually could get you there by next week but you wouldn’t stay there.

Hold your horses. I feel compelled to mention that if you bring to us a very niche-oriented product such as yellow polka-dot socks for purple headed monkeys then, yes, I can still get you to the top of Google by next week AND you could expect to stay there. Why? Think supply and demand. If you need mroe explanation, call us.

Due to the recent changes (ahem, Pen(cough)guin (cough) Pan(cough)da) in search engine algorithms SEO has gone kind of, well, old-school.  The trickery and gaming that — let’s face it — all SEO’s and webmasters were doing for years simply are not as effective anymore and will probably downright damage a website’s position now.

It seems to us that Google has made the clear statement with their last algorithm updates that content truly is king and that attempts to get around that will become more and more futile.

Produce a great website — with great content and great usability features — and you will have great positions. Sure, there’s more to it than that. Links still count but those links should be relevant — there because someone really thought your content was worth referencing — and social media is important and literally about a thousand other things, too.

So, get out your long-term thinking cap and put it to work on ideas for website content that gets attention. Answer questions. Make videos that show how to do things. Give away free stuff without any strings attached. Make the best, most helpful, website in your business.

To be clear, we’re still awesome at SEO. We’re just more honest than the guys who are still promising results by tomorrow. We want your site to stick around for the long-haul; to generate leads for years to come and to last through each search engine update.

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