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Archive for June 2012

Google is Changing Rapidly…

Here’s something Chris put together recently for a short presentation to business owners. Some “here’s what you’re seeing” info plus a little guidance. Call us at 832-628-0987 if you have any questions or want to re-produce or re-use this. We can provide a pdf upon request.

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Are Yellow Pages Worth The Cost?

I get asked a lot from small and medium business owners if I think Yellow Pages are worth the cost. Note: by “Yellow Pages”, I am referring generally to all print phone books with business listings and advertisements. Yes, I also mean to include the AT&T’s Yellow Pages but the term “Yellow Pages” has basically…

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Long Term SEO is the Way to Go

We get asked ALL THE TIME “can you get me to the top of Google?”  Sorry, Bing. No one asks about you. Well, yes. Yes, we can get you great positions in Google. 🙂 Oh, by next week? No, not anymore. Ok. We actually could get you there by next week but you wouldn’t stay…

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Free Marketing Idea

Let Them Know You Are Thinking of Them This is more for sales than marketing but… You probably attend miscellaneous events or training on a regular basis where you get sales or informational materials you don’t want. Send those materials to send to someone — a prospect, friend, client — with a simple note such…

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Top Marketing Tip for Small Businesses

Repetition is the #1 tip I give to small businesses. To expand on that a little, I mean to choose some marketing activities and stick with them — repeat them. The biggest mistake made by managers — or whoever handles the marketing — is that they try something once and then drop it when it…

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