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Website Audit Report

website audit report

The audit overview

The Lead Optimize website audit is 100% FREE and includes a thorough check of the following issues:

  • Broken links & other link issues
  • SEO elements (stuff Google wants you to have)
  • Website speed (how long do YOU stay on slow sites?)
  • Security issues (malware & virus check)
  • Page errors (the ones that keep search engines from finding you)
  • Duplicate content (Search engines don’t like copied content)
  • Optimized content (is your content set up right for search engines?)
  • Broken images (totally obvious to your visitors)

The report is totally yours and totally free. You can make the changes yourself, give the report to your “web guy,” do nothing, or whatever.

More Than a Report: It Explains the Problems

PLUS, the audit report INCLUDES Easy-to-Understand DETAILS About the Issues. That makes it easy to prioritize what items need to be fixed first. You absolutely do NOT need to be a technical person to understand what these things mean.

This website check is part of how we manage our clients’ websites and online marketing. We run their websites through our audit system on a regular schedule so we can get them up to par and keep them that way.

site audit speed test results

here’s a sample of speed test action items

Is There a Catch to this “FREE” Report?

No. It’s seriously Free.

Look, obviously, we’d loooove if after you look at your report you said:

“Hey Lead Optimize! You guys are awesome and you’re obviously the best option around for marketing services! Please manage my website and online marketing from here on out!”

…but even if you don’t, you still have friends here, and we won’t bug you about it — really. We’re happy to help.


website audit meta details

a report listing missing meta descriptions (a big SEO no-no)


IN FACT, our mission is to help small businesses grow. That’s why we only deliver the core marketing services that are PROVEN to PROFITABLY help small businesses grow.

We’ve even developed our own systems, such as WebQC®, because we couldn’t find anything we trusted enough — and that was visible enough — to meet our standards for SEO and website marketing for OUR CLIENTS. 

So, here’s the catch (if you want to call it that): We want to help you improve your website and we’d be totally ok with you asking Lead Optimize to do it for you.

In any case, here it is…

Get Your Free Website Audit Here

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