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Social Media Management

We deliver professional and consistent social media management focused on your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Pinterest. Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus will get an average of 15 posts per week or Pinterest will get an average of 5 posts per week.

Focused Social Media Management

We believe the best strategy in social media is to get really in tune with one platform#socialmediamanagement Social Media Management service — and its audience — instead of trying to spread yourself everywhere. The purpose of this service is to develop a consistent social media presence and build a strong following on a single, primary platform.

Ideally, you and your employees can support the service with real-time posts about daily events and successes. Ask us for ideas about how social media can boost your business. Yes, we will run multiple campaigns if you want to be on additional platforms.

Strategic Use of #Hashtags

#hashtags and trends are monitored and used strategically to make the most of your posts and get wider distributions. hashtags (#) are where the magic happens in social media, by the way.

Here’s why hashtags are important: hashtags connect your messages to other social media posts with related subjects, content, or news. Hashtags get your more views, “Likes”, followers, and visitors by associating your posts — and your brand — with special interests, niches, products, celebrities, funny stuff, and more.

Contact Us About Your Social Media

Social media isn’t for every business. If you think social media might be good fit for your business or if you’d like to bounce ideas around about how it might help you, call us at 832-900-2000 or contact us online.