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Demographics of Facebook and Instagram Users

There are still — still! — tons of business owners who don’t believe Facebook (or social media, in general) is a valuable place for them to spend their marketing dollars. I’d like to submit that it may be the BEST place to spend your marketing dollars — if you care about ROI and overall effectiveness, anyway.…
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How to Make Product Videos or Off-the-Cuff Videos with Your Phone

If you’re trying to sell something — pretty much anything — you should be using video. I think it’s easy to say that the top reasons people don’t make videos are: Shyness or lack of confidence They think too hard about production I can’t do too much about your shyness or confidence but I can…
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Using Pokemon Go to Get More Customers

Note: I’ve kept this post ultra simple for people like me who had never played, watched, or cared about (in any way) Pokemon before Pokemon Go came out. Now, I have to admit it’s a fun game and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.  Here’s how you can use Pokemon Go to increase…
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Why Your PPC Campaign Didn't Work

In over 15 years of operating Pay Per Click campaigns (anyone remember Overture?) I can easily say that the vast majority of the time I hear someone complain about how PPC didn’t work for them it is for one of these two reasons — ASSUMING THEIR WEBSITE IS DESIGNED PROPERLY — and they are both…
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Stop Complicating the Idea of Branding

The whole concept or branding and building a brand gets overly complicated by — of course — by MARKETING experts who tend to make it all jargony (a word I just coined), flashy, and important-sounding. Small businesses can keep it simple, though, with one simple rule that helps it all fall into place. Branding is…
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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is primarily about how people find you. Inbound marketing methods are those used to capture leads or business from people who are actively searching for your products or services. Outbound marketing methods are those used to generate leads from, or build a brand with, people who are are not actively…
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